9 Scrumptious Sorts Of Guava To Strive

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Simply once you thought there was just one kind of guava, assume once more. There are a number of several types of this scrumptious fruit to strive. From the widespread guava to the extra uncommon Ruby-X, there’s a taste for everybody to get pleasure from.

So subsequent time you’re searching for one thing new to snack on, head to your native grocery retailer and decide up a number of several types of guava. You gained’t remorse it.

1. Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Guava

Strawberry guava (Psidium cattleianum) is usually often known as Cattley guava, Purple guava, or cherry guava. It belongs to the Myrtaceae household and is native to southeastern Brazil. Strawberry guavas are small, oval-shaped fruits with a candy and fragrant taste just like roses and strawberries.

Its shade is darkish maroonish-red with white flesh and has arduous yellow seeds within the middle.  These seeds are additionally edible. These guavas are obtainable in summer season and have many well being advantages.

They strengthen immunity, increase collagen manufacturing, and scale back irritation. Though these guavas might be eaten uncooked, you can too use them in smoothies, salads, or combine with yogurt.

2. Mexican Cream Guava

Mexican Cream Guava 

As it’s apparent from the title, it extremely yields in Mexico and is on the market all year long. Mexican Cream Guava is a small, spherical fruit with pale yellow and purple blush. They develop in teams on Guava bushes with creamy white inside flesh.

In addition they comprise mushy seeds that are edible and fragrant. Mexican Guava is also called tropical yellow and is very well-known for its utilization in deserts because of its softness and sweetness. These Guavas are a wealthy supply of dietary fiber and Vitamin C.

3. Pink Indian Guava

Red Indian Guava

Pink Indian Guava is pear-shaped with mild inexperienced to yellow shade. The flesh has a vibrant purple shade with dozens of small seeds. It’s botanically labeled as Psidium guajava and is usually often known as the “apple of the tropics” in India.

These Guavas are present in India, Indonesia, and South America. Their sweet-sour style is the fifth most commercially essential fruit in India. You possibly can get pleasure from them as uncooked or cooked and add them in trifles and tarts.

Their seeds may also be chewed with fruit pulp or crushed and added to guava juices. These guavas may also be counted on for his or her excessive vitamin A and C dose.

4. Lemon Guava

Lemon Guava

In case you are searching for tasty or nutritious fruit in your food regimen, then Lemon Guava is for you. Lemon Guava is small, golden lemon fruit with jelly-like inside flesh. It provides an aroma and has a candy taste with a touch of acid.

The flesh has quite a few yellow seeds which can be crunchy and a tad tougher than grape seeds.  Lemon Guava is on the market in late summer season and fall.  These Guavas are fast-growing and are thought-about invasive species in lots of tropical areas.

Their bushes develop smaller than different forms of guavas. They’re also called Yellow Strawberry Guava or Yellow-fruited Cherry Guava in some elements.

5. Pink Malaysian Guava

Red Malaysian Guava

Pink Malaysian Guava is medium measurement, floral and fragrant fruit. It’s botanically known as Psidium guajava, labeled throughout the Myrtaceae household. The round-shaped fruit is maroon in shade with pinkish-cream inner flesh.

The colourful flesh additionally has small seeds, that are often swallowed as an entire because of their arduous nature. Pink Malaysian Guavas have sweet-tart flavors with their availability within the fall season. They’re also called ‘Thai Maroon guavas’ and are extremely scrumptious and decorative.

It’s a wealthy supply of dietary fiber and is loaded with vitamin A and C. It has been stated that one Guava accommodates the identical quantity of vitamin C as present in 3-4 oranges. Its fruity and floral plant might be grown in pot or floor and add tropical aroma to the encompassing.

6. Ruby-X


It might sound just like the title of a superhero, however it’s not that hero character. Nevertheless, it does possess some heroic qualities, as it’s best identified amongst different guavas for its tendency to maintain away fruit flies.

Ruby (Psidium guajava), generally often known as Ruby Supreme Guava, is round to pear-shaped guava tree with a candy taste and a pleasing aroma. It’s yellowish-green with a mushy texture from the surface, and the interior flesh is ruby in shade with a pulpy texture.

These Guavas are favourite for consuming recent and are utilized in smoothies or preserves. Like each different Guava, Ruby-X additionally gives many well being advantages. Their juices are additionally utilized in sauces, candies, and snacks to reinforce the flavour.

7. Pineapple Guava

Pineapple Guava

The pineapple Guava tree (Acca sellowiana) can be generally known as Feijoa or guavasteen. It’s native to Southern Brazil, Colombia, and jap Paraguay. This fruit is inexperienced pear-shaped and has a crown. As soon as you chop it open, the inside flesh is creamy white.

It’s scrumptious with a fruity candy taste just like strawberry.  These Guavas are harvested from September to January and have a pleasing perfume-like aroma when prepared for ripening.

One other thrilling factor about these pineapple guavas is that they’ve edible seeds and flowers beside the fruit itself. Individuals who commonly eat this guava obtain a variety of well being advantages.  It helps to spice up immunity, regulate blood stress, and scale back levels of cholesterol. You can too use them in tropical fruit salads.

8. Big Vietnamese Guava

Giant Vietnamese Guava

In case you are a fan of smoothies and juices, then Big Vietnamese guava is right for that. As a result of It’s globally used to make guava use. The guava is a inexperienced bumpy pear-shaped fruit with white flesh and small seeds. It’s named Big Vietnamese as a result of it’s the biggest of all guava fruits and has a excessive yield in Vietnam.

Big Vietnamese guava has a mellow taste and is filled with nutritional vitamins and vitamins. Like different Guavas, you don’t have to attend till they’re mushy, this specific Guava might be eaten as a agency, and it might nonetheless style scrumptious.

9. Tropical White Guava Fruit

Tropical White Guava Fruit

This guava has creamy white flesh with tender and mushy pores and skin, because the title suggests. Tropical white has vibrant yellow peel blushed with purple. It’s native to Southern Mexico and located within the Pacific tropics, Southeast Asia, Asia, India, Hong Kong, Hawaii, India, and Africa.

In summer season, tropic white gave a candy perfume to the setting, and they’re happy to take a look at white flowers and fluffy white stamens. It provides lime-like candy and musky melon taste.

These Guavas are extensively utilized in Tropical juices, drinks, jellies, and pies.  Tropic white guava is wholesome and full of a number of vitamins and minerals.

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Guava is a scrumptious and nutritious fruit that may be loved in a different way. If you happen to haven’t tried guava earlier than, now could be the time to take action. With so many forms of guava obtainable, there may be positive to be one which you’ll love. Why not give all of them a strive?

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